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Advanced Placement Textbook


The AP Latin course is designed to prepare students for success on the AP exam. Students perfect their ability to read, translate, analyze and interpret segments of the Aeneid and Caesar. They will reference the mode of expression, metrical qualities and figures of speech used by Vergil. Students will analyze the social, cultural, political and historical contexts of the Aeneid and compare them with current civilizations. AP Latin students will recognize the influence of Latin literature on the artistic achievements of the modern world and compare the heroes of the Aeneid with contemporary heroes. Students will demonstrate a firm knowledge of vocabulary, inflection and syntax and relate this knowledge to English. AP Latin is the culmination of the study of this classic language.

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  1. Rick Ayres

    As a Latin teacher, I am very impressed with “Latin in the Christian Trivium AP Edition”. All the required material from both Caesar and Vergil is included in this textbook, with the addition of many other Latin authors (Cicero, Ovid, Livy, St. Augustine, the Vulgate Bible, etc.) and a great deal of supplementary material regarding Roman history and lives of famous people. In addition, the text comes with 2 CDs which contain all the material in the accompanying Workbooks plus Answer Keys, quizzes and tests, and a host of other useful features. This textbook has everything needed to prepare students for the AP Caesar and Vergil Exam. Teachers should note that long vowels are not marked unless needed to clarify meanings, and even these only sparingly (nor do they appear on the AP Latin Exam). The only issue I have with LCT-AP is the considerable number of typographical errors which need correcting. However, considering the incredible amount of material and extras provided by this text, this should not be a reason for not using it. All in all, a marvelous addition to the revised (2013) AP Latin program. Highly recommended!

  2. Mary Harrington

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: We appreciate this review so much! The typos have all been fixed, and thanks to you for the kind review, Professor Ayres!

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